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Vibration White Finger – Mobile


Vibration white finger is a form of repetitive strain injury (RSI) caused by prolonged use of vibrating machinery at work, such as pneumatic drills.

Over time, this causes restriction in blood flow to the hands, which can give rise to a variety of symptoms. Sufferers may notice their fingers turning white or red, experience pain, numbness or tingling and have difficulty picking up smaller objects.

The effects of vibration white finger are often worse in colder weather, and in some cases victims find themselves unable to return to work.

It is your employer’s duty to take necessary precautions that will prevent conditions such as vibration white finger from developing. If they have failed to do this, Croftons Solicitors could help you claim compensation for your injuries.

Making An Industrial Injury Claim

Conditions such as vibration white finger can take a long time to develop, but this should not put you off making a claim.

If you can show that your illness was caused by an employer, then you have a good chance of a successful claim. Like most cases of this nature, there is a three-year time limit in place for you to begin your claim.

This is calculated from the point of diagnosis, so you are not hindered if your vibration white finger appears some time after you have stopped working with vibrating machinery.

Croftons Solicitors will aim to secure compensation for the pain you have suffered, as well as any lost wages through enforced absence from work or any medical costs you may have incurred.

Any compensation you receive is paid by the employer’s insurer, so there is no need to worry if the business responsible for your injury no longer exists.

If you have spent time working with vibrating machinery and your employer did not provide protective equipment, you may also have developed other conditions such as industrial hearing loss that could also entitle you to compensation.

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Our industrial disease specialists are very experienced in claims of this nature, and will provide all the support you need throughout the process.

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