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Trigger Finger Compensation Claims – Mobile


Trigger finger is a form of tenosynovitis, a problem that affects the sheath surrounding the tendons in the hand. The digit is frozen into a flexed position, and its appearance when this happens is what gives the condition its name.

As with any repetitive strain injury, trigger finger can be caused by any repeated, strenuous action, many of which can occur in the workplace.

If you feel that preventable issues with your working conditions have caused you to develop trigger finger, Croftons Solicitors may be able to assist with a compensation claim.

Causes and Symptoms of Trigger Finger

Trigger finger can initially be caused by a variety of work activities, including typing and heavy lifting.

Frequent repetition of these activities causes irritation of the ligaments at the base of the tendons in the hand, which leads to swelling.

This in turn blocks the tendons return along the sheath, and causes the finger to become fixed in one position.

Sufferers may experience pain at the base of the finger, it may be stiff or make a clicking noise and in some cases a small lump will appear around the affected ligament.

Trigger finger is a potentially serious condition, as if left untreated the finger may not fully return to normal.

In many cases the finger will simply pop or click free, but while it is locked in a bent position it can be difficult to continue at work, causing you to lose earnings due to your enforced absence.

Making a Claim Against Your Employer

Croftons Solicitors has experience in handling many industrial disease claims affecting the hands, including trigger finger, vibration white finger and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Employers have a duty to put in place the correct procedures, training and equipment to prevent repetitive strain injuries from occurring, and if they fail to do this you are more likely to receive compensation.

If you would like to find out more about starting a claim, speak to Croftons Solicitors using our online form, or call free on 0800 2800 094.

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