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Pavement Injury Cliams – Mobile


Also known as accidents in a public place, a pavement accident claim may be possible if it can be shown that the council was negligent in its duty to properly maintain its walkways.

These incidents tend to occur when the victim trips over an uneven or damaged pavement. In order for compensation to be possible, there must be evidence of a genuine injury having occurred.

Common cases involving trips and falls are head, arm or knee injuries, and we will ensure your medical costs are factored into the compensation amount.

If this is the case, before you approach a personal injury solicitor it will benefit your claim if you take photographic evidence of the defect which caused your fall. You should also measure the area in order for this data to be used as part of your case.

This information is key, as only defects which are one inch deep or one inch raised will be considered dangerous enough for the council to be held responsible.

Assessing Your Claim

Our team is vastly experienced in cases of this nature, and we will be able to take all the necessary steps to ensure you are fully compensated for your injury if the local council is indeed to blame.

The Council Maintenance Inspection Records will be pivotal to your chances of a successful pavement accident claim. These will prove whether or not a pavement has been properly inspected in accordance with the law.

If the records show this was not the case, if they have not been properly recorded or if the data is absent, this will help your chances of receiving compensation.

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