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Loss of Sight – Mobile


Losing your sight is a life-changing injury, and there are many hazards in the world of work that can damage your eyes if you are not given the correct protective equipment.

It is the duty of your employer to make sure that items such as protective goggles are available to you when carrying out certain tasks.

If they have failed to do so and you believe this has contributed to your injury, Croftons Solicitors can help you make a compensation claim.

Common Causes Of Industrial Sight Loss

Injuries involving loss of sight can vary from temporarily impaired vision to permanent blindness, but if your eyesight has been affected in any way by a workplace accident, you may be eligible to claim.

Dangerous substances can cause a lot of damage if they come into contact with the eyes. For example, chemicals used in cleaning could spill or splash, construction machinery can create a lot of dust and grit, or you could have an accident involving a sharp object.

Furthermore, you may suffer from loss of sight from exposure to dangerously bright lights. Welding is one such activity in which this could be a problem if the employee is not wearing the right protective mask.

Some head injuries can also cause loss of sight, so once again it is important for the employer to provide protective equipment and make sure the surrounding work environment is safe.

Making Your Claim

If you wish to begin a loss of sight claim with Croftons Solicitors, it will be subject to the same rules as many other personal injury cases. This includes a three year time limit in which you are allowed to claim.

In industrial disease cases, this is calculated from the moment of diagnosis, and even though sight loss is immediately obvious to the sufferer you will still need to show that the condition is linked to your work environment.

Our experts can help secure compensation for sight loss and a range of other industrial diseases, such as hearing loss and repetitive strain injuries.

To discuss your claim further with us, call free on 0800 2800 094 or use our contact form.

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