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Hearing Loss Compensation – Mobile


Industrial hearing loss can occur if an individual works in a noisy environment over a prolonged period of time.

Employees can develop conditions such as tinnitus and even deafness if they are not given the proper equipment to protect their ears while they work.

It is the duty of your employer to do this, and if you feel that your problem could have been prevented if they had taken the correct precautions, Croftons Solicitors may be able to help you make a hearing loss compensation claim.

High Risk Jobs

Certain jobs carry a much higher risk of hearing loss than others, primarily due to the frequently loud environment employees must work in. Employers in these sectors should be issuing their staff with protective equipment.

This must offer adequate protection for employees, and every member of staff must be given training in how to use the equipment. An employer must also make sure that there is enough protective equipment for everyone who needs it.

Croftons Solicitors often deals with claims from employees in the following areas:

  • - Construction
  • - Engineering
  • - Factory work
  • - Mining
  • - Shipbuilding
  • - Quarrying
  • - Farming
  • - Nightclubs

Symptoms Of Industrial Hearing Loss

It may be the case that you do not notice the deterioration of your hearing straight away.

Some of the signs that you may be developing industrial hearing loss include difficulty following conversations, not noticing the telephone or doorbell ringing, frequently requiring people to repeat themselves, having to turn the television volume up very loud or being told by friends and family that you shout a lot.

This information is relevant to those considering making a claim, as industrial injury claims are subject to a time limit.

This is usually three years from the date of diagnosis, which will benefit victims of industrial deafness as the condition can sometimes take years to develop.

Managing Your Claim

Once you decide to proceed with your claim, Croftons Solicitors will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the hearing loss compensation you deserve.

We will use independent medical expertise to determine the source of your hearing loss and set about securing compensation from the relevant employer. This can be in the form of a settlement, or if necessary we will represent you in court.

As industrial hearing loss can take a long time to develop, it may be that the business you were working for no longer exists. In this case, we will find out who their insurer was and take your claim to them.

If you would like to know more about how Croftons Solicitors can help with your hearing loss compensation claim, or if you have noticed your sight deteriorating as a result of your work environment, call us on 0800 2800 094 or fill out or online form.

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