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Faulty Safety Equipment

If you have been injured at work due to faulty safety equipment, Croftons Solicitors can assist you with making a claim for compensation.

Safety is of the upmost importance in any workplace, with your employer responsible for keeping you free from harm.

Testing and regulation of safety equipment is a legal requirement wherever you work, particularly in locations such as factories or construction sites where the potential number of hazards is increased.

Faulty Safety Equipment Claims

From a substandard safety helmet offering inadequate protection from falling objects to a high visibility jacket which does not reflect enough light, there are many ways in which faulty safety equipment can lead to an accident.

In addition to the numerous potential accidents which can be caused due to malfunctioning equipment, substandard safety equipment can also increase the likelihood of an industrial disease such as hearing loss developing over time.

If you have put your faith in faulty safety equipment provided by your employer and suffered an accident, you should contact Croftons Solicitors to see if you are eligible for compensation.

Claims can also be made if you were unable to use essential safety equipment due to insufficient resources.

To establish whether or not you have a valid claim, there are certain criteria which must be met for the case to proceed.

In addition to establishing that your employer was to blame for the provision of faulty safety equipment, the timing of the accident in question is also extremely important, with only incidents within the last three years able to be considered.

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To get in touch with Croftons Solicitors regarding an injury or fatality at work which occurred as the result of faulty safety equipment, call free of charge on 0800 2800 094 or complete the contact form provided to arrange a callback.

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