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How can office workers avoid carpal tunnel syndrome?

Most people associate repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) with jobs involving a lot of physical activity, such as heavy lifting or operating vibrating machinery. However, conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome can just as easily affect people who spend their day typing at a desk.

There can be a number of reasons for this, and it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure all risks are managed and that their staff are protected from industrial injuries.

One way of managing RSIs is to ensure you are not obliged to work at a computer for too long, incorporating short breaks into your daily routine so that you have sufficient rest. This strategy has been used in other professions to prevent RSIs – for example, workers using vibrating power tools may be placed on a rota that means they will each only work with that piece of equipment for a short period.

Of course, office equipment can also play a key role. Many ergonomic keyboards provide a more natural layout for typing and remove the need for you to place your hands in an unnatural or uncomfortable position.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is actually caused by the compression of nerves in the wrist, so a rest or support may reduce the strain on this area. If you ask your employer for this kind of protective equipment, they have a duty to act on your concerns. If you are ignored and subsequently develop an RSI, it may well be possible to make a claim.

Making a repetitive strain injury claim

Croftons Solicitors have experience in dealing with a range of repetitive injury cases. In addition to carpal tunnel syndrome, we can help with other upper limb conditions such as vibration white finger, tennis elbow and tenosynovitis.

If you are suffering from a work-related condition that has temporarily or permanently affected your ability to continue in your chosen profession, speak to our specialists on 0800 2800 094 and find out how we could assist you. You can also use our online claim form to tell us about your case.

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