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How has Alex Salmond developed an RSI?

Former Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Alex Salmond has reportedly been suffering from a repetitive strain injury caused by too many handshakes.

The politician has been spotted wearing a hand brace following his failed bid to secure Scottish independence earlier this year. SNP sources suggest Mr Salmond shook hands with “thousands and thousands” of people while out on the campaign trail, and it is thought this could have eventually led to the sort of wrist and hand pain normally associated with RSIs.

While some analysts have cast doubt on Mr Salmond’s injury, it seems so-called ‘handshake fatigue’ is not a new problem for politicians. Candidates in the 2004 US Presidential election were advised to regularly switch hands, hold something that would prevent them having to shake hands or opt for an arm around the shoulder instead.

This is guidance Mr Salmond may well wish he had taken note of earlier, as his 20-year career as leader of the SNP draws to a close. However, as he mulls over whether or not to return to Westminster, he may wish to keep these alternative methods of meeting voters in mind.

Repetitive strain injuries in the workplace

While Mr Salmond’s situation is not something that is likely to affect the average worker, it does highlight the fact that RSIs can be caused by a wide variety of activities. Employers have an obligation to ensure their staff are protected from these conditions, and should have appropriate measures in place such as regular breaks, protective equipment and training.

It is a common misconception that RSIs only occur in workers performing manual labour or other physically strenuous tasks. In fact, conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and tennis elbow can be caused by any repetitive motion. For example, prolonged typing without suitable rest periods could result in an RSI developing.

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