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What can Katie Melua teach us about tinnitus?

The singer Katie Melua made headlines last week after revealing she had found a spider living in her ear. Before the creature was discovered, the star had thought that the buzzing she could hear was an early sign of tinnitus, but this was later proven to be incorrect.

Despite this, the irony is that musicians are among those most at risk of developing tinnitus and other industrial diseases related to their hearing, but in these cases the cause is most often to do with being exposed to loud noise on a regular basis. Like any other professional in these conditions, they should wear ear protectors while they work, along with anyone else employed at their concert such as sound engineers and venue staff.

In fact, any worker who is regularly exposed to loud, continuous noise should take measures to protect their hearing, otherwise they may experience tinnitus and potentially hearing loss later in life.

In many cases, tinnitus and hearing loss claims are brought by construction or factory workers who frequently operate power tools during their work, or else are in an environment where these machines are used. Nightclubs are another workplace in which it is particularly important for employees to be given the appropriate ear protection, and in this instance earplugs are the most practical solution.

Your employer’s responsibilities

Every business has a duty to ensure their staff enjoy a safe working environment, and this includes looking after their hearing. If you are regularly exposed to loud noises, you should be supplied with protective equipment such as earmuffs or ear plugs, and should also be given regular breaks.

Your employer must make sure this equipment is in full working order, and that there is enough to go around for everyone working on that task. If they fail to do this, Croftons Solicitors may be able to help you make a claim.

Tinnitus and hearing loss claims

In some cases, the symptoms of tinnitus and hearing loss do not materialise until many years after you have finished working for a particular employer.

Our experts will fully assess the circumstances of your case and make sure that the relevant insurer is found. We can do this even if the company you worked for has ceased trading.

We appreciate the effect that tinnitus can have on your life, and have helped many sufferers whose condition was disrupting their sleeping pattern and leaving them unable to carry out their daily routine as normal.

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