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£21,500 for machine operator exposed to harmful resin

Croftons Solicitors have successfully acted on behalf of a machine worker who developed a rash due to inadequate protective equipment, securing £21,500 in compensation.

The client’s job involved operating a machine that poured resin onto reflective beads. During his work, he found that the nozzle was frequently blocked and as such required cleaning every 20 minutes.

To undertake this task, he was issued with rubber gloves. However, aside from this he was wearing only his own clothes and this meant that the resin dripped from the machine, ran down the gloves and came into contact with his exposed forearms.

Within a month of this event, the client noticed an itchy rash developing on his arms, which eventually spread to his legs and other parts of his body. It transpired that he had experienced an allergic reaction to the resin, causing problems that would affect him for the rest of his life.

Our £21,500 claim was based around the fact that if the client had been provided with adequate safety equipment, he would not have come into contact with the resin and the rash would have been avoided.

Are you being given the correct safety equipment at work?

This case highlights the responsibility employers have to ensure their staff members always have access to the equipment needed to carry out their role safely.

In this case, a proper risk assessment would have revealed the possibility of resin dripping onto a worker’s bare skin, and more appropriate protective equipment could have been provided.

It is vital that any equipment provided is fit for purpose. In addition to ensuring protective clothing offers sufficient protection, other safety equipment, such as components designed to make machinery safer to use, should be regularly checked to ensure no faults develop.

If your employer has failed to do this and you subsequently develop an industrial illness or suffer an accident in the workplace, Croftons Solicitors may be able to help you make a claim.

We will thoroughly assess all the circumstances surrounding your case to determine whether faulty safety equipment was to blame, and put together a strong case to help you secure the practical support needed.

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