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How your employer should protect you from RSIs

If your employer does not have the correct safety procedures or risk assessments in place, you could be at risk of developing a repetitive strain injury (RSI).

These conditions can affect people in many different lines of work, from office staff to manual labourers. In any environment, business owners have a responsibility to ensure their staff can operate in safe working conditions, and sadly there are many cases in which they fail to achieve this.

If you develop a condition such as tennis elbow, vibration white finger, bursitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, Croftons Solicitors may be able to help you make a claim and get the medical treatment you need.

Risk assessments and your work environment

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides very clear guidelines for employers to follow when it comes to protecting their staff from RSIs.

It outlines the circumstances in which RSIs can develop, including repetitive work with few or no breaks, prolonged spells working in an uncomfortable position, heavy lifting or other physically challenging tasks and an overall poor environment.

Employers are advised to monitor the risks associated with any given job and take measures to protect staff. For example, responsibilities can be rotated so that no one has to spend too long on a particular task, or equipment can be provided that will assist with more difficult jobs.

Before assigning a task, employers should consider whether an employee is suitable – for instance whether or not they have the necessary training and experience.

The HSE makes it very clear that risk assessments should be carefully monitored and updated regularly. For example, if staff are working in a different location or the nature of the work has fundamentally changed, it will in all likelihood be necessary to conduct further risk assessments.

It is also important for business owners to look after staff who are returning to work after an injury or illness.

What to do if your working conditions cause an RSI to develop

We know from our experience of successfully acting in many industrial disease cases that many workers are still suffering as a result of poor planning and risk assessment on the part of their employer.

RSIs can be extremely debilitating and may affect your professional and personal life. You might be unable to return to work either temporarily or permanently, and your condition may prevent you from doing the things you enjoy, such as a sporting activity.

In these cases, Croftons Solicitors can help you make a claim against your employer’s insurance company, and get the practical help you require. Call us today on 0800 2800 094 for further information.

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