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£6,250 for fruit machine assembler who suffered hearing loss

Croftons Solicitors have secured a £6,250 settlement for a former fruit machine worker who suffered hearing loss due to his working conditions.

The victim spent 28 years working in a noisy environment that included air guns, drills and pot riveters, as well as the sounds from the fruit machines themselves. He worked eight hours a day throughout his employment with the company, but it was not until the late 1990s that he was provided with any safety equipment to protect his ears.

By this time, it was too late, and the victim eventually began to notice his hearing deteriorating. He was having trouble making out what his friends and family were saying, and had to turn the television up to a very high volume.

At this point, he decided to contact the expert hearing loss solicitors at Croftons to see if we could help him with a claim.

We were able to negotiate a satisfactory settlement with his former employer, who admitted liability for the loud working environment that was responsible for the hearing loss sustained.

Upon the successful conclusion of his case, the claimant said: “I can’t thank Croftons enough, they are a very professional outfit. All aspects of my case were dealt with very well.”

Making a hearing loss claim

This case highlights a common feature of hearing loss claims, which is that many sufferers do not start to experience any symptoms until some years after they were working in a noisy environment.

We often act on behalf of claimants who have been retired for a number of years, so if you do start to notice your hearing deteriorate and think your former work conditions could be responsible, it is important you speak to our experienced team as soon as possible.

In this case, the employer took responsibility for the hearing loss suffered by their former employee, but this is of course not always the case. If an employer denies fault, we will work hard to provide evidence that supports your claim.

Industrial hearing loss is just one of many industrial illnesses we can help with, so call Croftons Solicitors today on 0800 2800 094 for more information.

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