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Has coaching Djokovic given Boris Becker tennis elbow?

Six-time grand slam tennis champion Boris Becker caused a stir at the US Open when he was pictured with a large lump on his elbow.

The German has been coaching world number one Novak Djokovic since last year, and the pair were preparing for a second round match with Paul-Henri Mathieu when press photographers noticed the unusual growth.

Perhaps understandably, many media reports assumed it was a case of tennis elbow, but it was quickly pointed out that the problem was with the right-handed Becker’s left arm. As tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury, it was unlikely that this could be the cause of his condition.

Becker eventually revealed that the swelling was caused by bursitis, and reassured reporters: “My elbow’s fine. It looked worse than it is. Not a big deal. I’m okay.”

Tennis elbow v Bursitis

Both tennis elbow and bursitis are common repetitive strain injuries, and they do share certain similarities.

For example, both are caused by putting frequent pressure on joints, which can result in swelling. Sufferers may notice pain or tenderness around the affected areas that may make it difficult to carry out certain tasks.

Despite its name, tennis elbow is not necessarily a sporting injury, and can be caused by tasks such as heavy lifting or even typing. Victims may also find it difficult to bend or extend their arm.

The fluid-filled sac around Boris Becker’s elbow that caused such a media storm is a common feature of bursitis. While in this case it affected the elbow joint, it can also be found in the shoulders, knees and hips.

Can you make a claim?

These repetitive strain injuries can be caused by your work environment, for example if your job involves frequent pressure on the same joints. It is down to your employer to provide you with conditions that ensure you are not at risk from problems such as bursitis and tennis elbow.

The pain and discomfort can lead to an enforced absence from work, while there may also be medical costs to bear. In these instances, Croftons Solicitors could help with an industrial disease claim and ensure you have access to the care you need in order to recover as quickly as possible.

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