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Banned drivers face 10 years for fatal accidents

Drivers who cause a fatal accident while disqualified are set to face up to five times longer in prison, after the government announced plans to hand out harsher punishments to irresponsible banned drivers.

Those found guilty of causing a fatality while they were not supposed to be on the road will face up to 10 years behind bars, an increase from the current maximum of two years. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling will also introduce a law punishing disqualified drivers with a four-year term if their driving causes someone a serious injury.

The new rules are part of a wider plan to ensure drivers who put others at risk face greater penalties and longer jail sentences. The government has been consulting with the families of victims, and is set to bring in their changes next year.

Unlicensed and uninsured drivers will also be targeted by the reforms, which Mr Grayling said would provide “a clear message that anyone who [defies a driving ban] will face much tougher punishment”.

Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan backed the government’s ideas, but expressed concerns that there will not be enough space in the country’s prisons to adequately deal with all the offenders.

Helping the victims

At Croftons Solicitors, our focus is always on helping victims of road accidents and ensuring they get the compensation they deserve. Whether you are hit by an uninsured or banned driver, or simply someone driving negligently, we always strive to achieve a successful outcome to your claim.

In cases where the victim is killed as a result of a driver’s negligence, we can provide the necessary legal and emotional support to family members, and ensure compensation is paid to help with the practical issues caused by this tragic loss.

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