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Police motorcyclist given tinnitus compensation

A former police officer from Greater Manchester has been awarded £6,500 after claiming the motorcycle he was asked to drive had damaged his hearing.

Peter Hall, from Stockport, spent 12 years working for the British Transport Police (BTP) motorcycle unit. He alleged that following his retirement, he began to notice a ringing in his ears and was struggling to follow conversations.

Mr Hall said that the noise from the engine and siren of his motorbike had affected his hearing, and that BTP had not done enough to protect staff. He claimed bosses provided ear plugs, but that wearing these made it difficult to hear their police radios and so could not reasonably be worn.

Furthermore, he suggested workers were not offered hearing tests, and were obliged to spend too much time around the noisy equipment without a break.

His final compensation amount took into account the fact that he continues to ride a motorbike in his spare time. However, Mr Hall said that his bike did not have a siren and he did not drive it as fast as he would at work. He accepted BTP’s settlement offer without going to court.

While they agreed to compensate Mr Hall, BTP did not accept liability for his hearing loss and tinnitus, saying that “the health and safety of our officers and staff is paramount”.

What to do if you suffer hearing loss at work

Mr Hall’s case is just one example of how working in a noisy environment without adequate ear protection can lead to hearing loss. Furthermore, these symptoms may sometimes take years to present themselves, and this should not deter you from making a claim.

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