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How fraudsters are tricking road accident victims

New research has suggested over 300,000 road accidents since 2008 have been deliberately caused by fraudsters.

The findings cite many examples of “crash for cash” situations, in which the at fault motorist will convince the victim that they are to blame for the accident. They will then attempt to claim compensation for damage to their vehicle, loss of earnings and whiplash.

A common trick they use is known as the “slam-on”, in which the fraudster gets in front of a victim and brakes suddenly for no apparent reason, causing the driver behind to crash into the back of them. It is thought that some scammers disable their rear lights so as to hide the fact that they are braking.

Estimates indicate that as many as 30,000 drivers have fallen victim to this ploy in the last year alone.

Scamming techniques target vulnerable drivers

Other techniques used include the “flash for cash”, in which a driver appears to signal for the victim to merge into traffic, but then pulls out anyway and crashes into the back them, and the “full car smash”, in which the fraudster will ensure their car is full of passengers before targeting a car where only the driver is present.

This allows them to have a ‘four against one’ situation when it comes to making a claim. As well as targeting lone drivers, the research also suggests that scammers are more likely to target young or female drivers, believing them to be less likely to challenge any claim.

The drivers who cause these accident are also thought to exaggerate the circumstances in a bid to claim more compensation, for example citing non-existent injuries or damage to the vehicle that was not caused by the collision.

Get legal advice after your road traffic accident

Cases such as these highlight the importance of speaking to a solicitor as soon as possible after your accident. As the research shows, part of the trick here involves the fraudsters convincing the victim that they are at fault.

In reality, this may not be the case, and having an experienced road traffic accident solicitor examine all the evidence could help to uncover the truth. Call Croftons Solicitors today for help with your case.

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