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Family injured in Apollo Theatre collapse makes personal injury claim

A London family has become the first to make a personal injury claim against the Apollo Theatre, after the ceiling collapsed during a performance last year.

The event made national headlines in December when 76 audience members at a staging of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time were left injured by the falling debris. This included the building’s domed roof and parts of balconies.

Chris Edwards, 63, attended the show with his wife, their two sons and their wives, one of whom was pregnant. His family are seeking compensation after being struck by the collapsing roof.

He told the BBC that his son Gareth had suffered particularly serious injuries, including three broken vertebrae, a broken shoulder blade and possible bruising to the brain.

Victim criticises building safety checks

Mr Edwards added that the incident should prompt improvements to building safety checks. “If the building was properly surveyed and had all the relevant certificates something is wrong because that ceiling was rotten and it failed and fell on us,” he said.

The theatre’s insurance company said they were working towards a resolution for all parties affected by the collapse, and suggested looking after customers was a priority.

Personal injury claims with Croftons Solicitors

This is without doubt a unique personal injury case, and it can only be hoped that all the victims receive the compensation, rest and rehabilitation they deserve.

Despite its unusual nature, the claims process remains similar to that which any victim will experience if they seek compensation for an accident that was not their fault.

Croftons Solicitors can help anyone who feels they may have a valid claim, and our team has successfully secured compensation in a number of cases, from trips and falls to sporting injuries and holiday accidents. If you have questions about a possible compensation claim, call free on 0800 2800 094.

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