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£7,000 for eyebrow tinting accident victim

The team at Croftons Solicitors has secured a £7,000 settlement for a woman who suffered burns to her face after an eyebrow tinting procedure went wrong.

On August 3rd 2010, the victim was talked into having an eyebrow threading and tinting procedure as part of a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, she suffered an adverse reaction to the chemicals used in the procedure, which left her physically and mentally affected for many months.

Eyebrow tinting involves pasting a dye onto the eyebrows and then wiping it away after two minutes. Common practice is to carry out a small patch test first in order to check for adverse reactions, however the defendant did not do this.

Not long after the procedure was completed, the victim did experience a reaction to the chemicals, which caused her eyebrows to turn red and blister. This triggered a painful burning sensation and a yellow fluid began to seep from the affected area.

As well as failing to carry out a patch test, it was also alleged that the defendant did not adequately inform the victim of the potential dangers of eyebrow tinting.

How was the victim affected?

It transpired that the victim had suffered chemical burns as a result of the incident, the physical effects of which were felt for three months afterwards.

In particular, for the first three weeks after the injury the victim found herself unable to sleep or socialise. An area of alopecia developed in the right eyebrow, a minor cosmetic disability that greatly diminished her confidence.

The claimant had previously suffered from migraines, and the stress caused by her accident saw these occur much more frequently. Indeed, the victim reported daily migraines up until May 2011, at which point these reduced to around nine per month.

She was also affected psychologically, exhibiting symptoms of depression, low mood, insomnia, appetite change, difficulty concentrating and loss of interest in activities. All of this greatly impacted on her ability to work and socialise.

While the defendants denied causing the injuries, they did admit liability and this allowed Croftons Solicitors to secure the £7,000 settlement.

Claiming for cosmetic injuries

This case highlights one of the many hair and beauty claims that Croftons Solicitors can help with.

Chiefly, these claims occur when a company either fails to inform the customer about the potential risks involved, or a member of staff performs the procedure incorrectly.

If this happens to you, it may be possible to make a claim. However, achieving compensation will only be possible if you can show that you suffered an injury as a result of the procedure. It is not sufficient to simply be dissatisfied with the cosmetic outcome of the work.

Those who feel that they might be eligible to claim should get in touch with Croftons Solicitors free on 0800 2800 094.

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