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£2,300 for woman injured by a turkey

When buying your turkey for Christmas, you’re ideally looking for a bird that will provide the required ‘wow factor’ as the centrepiece of your festive dinner. You will be hoping that it arrives at the table perfectly cooked, with plenty left over for sandwiches on Boxing Day.

What you certainly don’t want is for it to fall to the floor and land on your foot before you’ve even had the chance to get it home, but this is exactly what happened to one of our clients last year.

She had just purchased a turkey at her local Co-operative store, and had also bought a ‘bag for life’ in which to carry it.

Unfortunately, as she waited in the queue for a lottery ticket, the bag suddenly tore open and the turkey fell directly onto her right foot.

As a result, she suffered a suspected fracture of the proximal phalanx of her left second toe and was also diagnosed with soft tissue damage.

While she was treated and given painkillers soon after the incident, her ability to work was impeded in the coming months. She was forced to miss an initial week of work, and was still having trouble with her foot some three months later.

‘Bag for life’ fails to live up to its name

On this occasion, our team maintained that the so called ‘bag for life’ was in fact not fit for purpose. Had it performed as expected, it would not have split and the turkey would not have landed on our client’s foot.

We were able to negotiate a settlement with the supermarket that resulted in our client being awarded £2,300 in compensation for her injury.

This case proves that product liability claims can be successful even when they involve something as apparently innocent as a carrier bag.

If you purchase a product in good faith and are injured as a result of its poor performance, you could be entitled to compensation just like our client.

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