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Recycling firm fined after worker loses fingers

A plastic recycling firm in Yorkshire has been fined after an employee suffered two severed fingers during a cleaning job.

The company accepted responsibility for the incident, in which the staff member’s ring and middle fingers were torn from their sockets. He was reaching into a silo chute to clear a blockage when his hand hit two rotating angled blades.

The Health and Safety Executive asserted that the company had failed to put adequate protective measures to ensure workers could not come into contact with moving parts.

As well as losing the two fingers and their tendons, the skin was torn from his index finger and little finger was also damaged. He is now registered as 50% disabled and has been informed he is unlikely to be able to perform manual work again.

The employee revealed he has undergone ten operations in a bid to repair his hand, but reattaching the fingers has proved impossible. He has suffered infections and phantom pains, as well as recurring nightmares about the incident, and told the court he was no longer able to indulge in hobbies such as ten pin bowling, pool, snooker and gardening.

Claiming for serious workplace injuries

This case highlights the serious injuries that can occur if inadequate or faulty safety equipment is in place within a work environment, particularly in areas such as factories, construction sites or anywhere involving regular contact with machinery.

Should you fall victim to such an unfortunate incident, a skilled personal injury solicitor could prove pivotal in securing you compensation for your injuries.

In circumstances of this nature where it appears impossible for the victim to return to work, the compensation awarded should reflect this and ensure they are not financially disadvantaged by an accident which was proven to be the fault of their employer.

Croftons Solicitors have a successful track record in helping those injured by accidents at work, with factors such as medical costs, lost earnings and potential modifications to a victim’s home all taken into account where appropriate.

Our team will attempt to reach a settlement with your employer’s insurer, and can also represent you in court if necessary. Call us today on 0800 2800 094 for advice on any industrial accident issue.

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