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New back injury research suggests best sitting position

Researchers in Aberdeen have completed a study that sheds new light on the best way for office workers to sit while at their desk.

It has long been held that sitting at a 90° angle was the healthiest position for the back, but this new study does not agree. Their findings suggest that a reclined 135° places less pressure on the lower back, which is a common cause of back pain.

Subjects were tested in a positional MRI machine that allowed them to sit in three different positions, the third of which was a 70° ‘slouched’ stance. Surprisingly, the 90°angle was found to cause most spinal disk movement, while slouching, as expected, was also bad for the back.

However, a back injury charity responded that a 135° angle was likely to prove impractical due to the “tendency to slide off the seat”, and suggested 120° might be a more realistic target.

Compensation for back injuries at work

There are many reasons why a work-related back injury may occur, and if your employer’s negligence is partly to blame for this, you may be entitled to compensation.

Sitting at your desk could be the cause, for example you may have been asked to work unreasonable hours without breaks, or you may not have been given the necessary health and safety training.

Of course, back injuries can also be common in environments such as factories, warehouses and building sites.

Heavy lifting or falling objects are just two of the situations which could result in a back injury, and once again if your employer could have done more to provide a safe working environment then it may be possible to make a claim.

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