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£9,600 for injured garage worker

Croftons Solicitors successfully secured £9,600 compensation for a vehicle technician who was injured after being asked to carry out a task using incorrect equipment.

The claimant was knocked unconscious as he carried out rebuilding work on the front suspension leg of a Peugeot van, having been asked to work with a compression tool that was not the correct size for the job.

He had been ordered to complete the task under great time pressures and had not been fully trained in the procedure. Furthermore, he was requested to begin work early in the morning so that the job could be done in time for an MOT to be carried out on another vehicle.

After a search of the garage, the claimant could not find the correct equipment among the stock available, and was only able to locate compression tools that were too small for the vehicle he was working on. However, he was told by his employers to “get on with it”.

Accident and aftermath

As the claimant reluctantly began to carry out the work, the spring on the suspension leg fired off its mount, striking him in the face and leg and knocking him unconscious as it rebounded around the room.

The police were called and after inspecting the premises they took statements from all parties. However, the claimant was not in a fit state to participate in the inspection.

In the aftermath of the accident, the employer denied liability, suggesting that the claimant had not looked for the tool properly and would have found it had he done so. The claimant countered that his colleagues often took tools home to complete jobs away from the garage.

The claim was eventually settled on 75/25 split liability basis, with the claimant awarded £9,600. Croftons Solicitors had to work very quickly to secure this compensation, as the claimant contacted us extremely close to the standard three-year claim personal injury claim limit.

The accident occurred on 8 October 2009, and the claimant approached us in August 2012, allowing us to send a claim form to court on 10 September 2012. This underlines the importance of a prompt claim, as if he had asked Croftons Solicitors to represent him two months later we would have been unable to do so.

Claiming compensation for accidents at work

If you have been injured in a workplace accident that was not your fault, Croftons Solicitors can offer their guidance as you make a claim.

You may have suffered an injury in similar circumstances to the claimant in this case, either through being given the incorrect tools or perhaps defective equipment. As this claim shows, we can even help in cases where the claimant admits partial liability for their injury.

Whatever the cause of your accident at work, if you think you may be eligible for compensation you should call Croftons Solicitors free as soon as possible on 0800 2800 094, or let us know about your situation using our online claim form.

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