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A silver lining for a promising media star

A silver lining for a promising media star

A promising media student‚ university degree and future career prospects were seriously jeopardised when he was injured while working part-time at an historic inn in Kent. However, the story has a happy ending, thanks to the skill and determination of lawyers at Croftons Solicitors.

Mr R of Kent had been working as a member of the inn‚ bar staff for 2 years and this particular day was no different to any other. His duties included serving customers, changing barrels, locking up and occasionally hosting events such as quiz nights. Asked by his manager to tidy the cellar and move some barrels, Mr R went down into the cellar to undertake these tasks. He noticed the floor was wet which had been an ongoing problem in the cellar. Although he had previously changed the barrels, Mr R had been given no training in moving them. Weighing in excess of 100kg each, the barrels could not be lifted so Mr R began to manoeuvre the first barrel on to its side so he could roll it.

The wet floor caused the barrel to slide, trapping Mr R’s hand between the barrel and the floor. I felt immediate pain in my right hand, said Mr R, who called out for help. He was taken to the local A&E department where tests revealed torn ligaments to his right wrist.

The pain continued for many months and, according to Mr R, “I found that using a computer for a long period of time was difficult. As a result of this, I began to fall behind with my coursework which in turn caused me to become depressed” Mr R’s life-long hopes of a media career were falling apart.

Simon Leighton Managing Partner: “Mr R received a recommendation to contact Simon Leighton, personal injury specialist and Partner at Croftons Solicitors, who led the case on behalf of Mr R.

“Our objective was to help Mr R manage the pain, arrange the necessary surgery (where his own treating medics had let Mr R down) and return to his studies at university so he could graduate. He continued to experience problems with his wrist, with both pain and clicking and grinding for some considerable time. However, despite these obstacles, he graduated with a degree in Media Studies”

Mr R’s next hurdle was to find a job in the media world. He had long had his heart set on a media career but a damaged wrist and hand made it almost impossible. “I was searching for a job in the media industry but finding this difficult due to problems that I continue to experience with my wrist as it prevents me from using a computer for an extended period of time which subsequently prevents me from undertaking certain tasks such as video editing. Also, the usual route in to a media career is to work up from the bottom, starting life a runner, but this was often not possible for me because of my lifting limitations because of my injury” Mr R said.

During the case, Croftons Solicitors and the medical experts they instructed worked with Mr R to relieve his ongoing symptoms, reduce his anxiety and pursue his chosen career. A significant settlement was awarded and Mr R used the funds he received to move to the US. “I was given the opportunity to join a US media company” said Mr R. “This is a chance of a lifetime for a young graduate with limited experience and large aspirations! Without Croftons help, and the invaluable support and encouragement of Simon Leighton,I would never have had this opportunity or the confidence to go for it”

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